Too excited to be nervous!

This is my first blog post, or post of any kind, ever!  My classroom next year is moving to a 1:1 technology format.  I will use blogs in my classroom this coming year and want to be comfortable with the format.  So I am jumping in!  I attended the Stephanie Harvey RIT 2.0 conference a few weeks ago and was truly inspired and excited.  I saw the learning and heightened level of engagement that is possible and can’t wait to bring this to my students.  What better way to teach than to learn.  I will be learning right along with my students this year!


4 thoughts on “Too excited to be nervous!

  1. Way to step out of your comfort zone and learn with the students. You are justified in feeling excited. Blogging is fun!! I am leaving Instructional Coaching and heading back to the classroom this fall. I want to go the direction you are going and have my 8th grade students do their writing responses using blogs and other digital media. I’m not sure how it will work, but I think it’s headed that way whether I jump in or not. Barb Brown


    • Thanks Barb! I am going to use Connecting Comprehension & Technology by Harvey, Goudvis, Muhtaris, & Ziemke. It is an extension for Comprehension Toolkit lessons using technology. I am hoping the lessons will help me get started!


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